Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Ok, first off all those that said Mt Rushmore wasn't worth more then driving by, I have to disagree.. and even our hotel host in Murdo, said it would cost $50 dollars to park at the park were also wrong!  It cost a mere $11 and was well worth it as our car was in a garage out of the sun, and the sun was brutal that day.
So we checked out and headed west to Mt. Rushmore arriving on the 4th.  The weather was warm and clear.

 Anyone who isn't awestruck by this... well heck.

I should have had a hat on, as I got a sunburn on my forehead!

And the presidents were there too!  I asked them to come back and help the country now, but they said they couldn't.  Too bad!

Ed in the dining room they used in North by North West.  Remember that is where they shot  Cary Grant!
Now it was onto The Crazy Horse Park, now that Was expensive for what it was,,,, $11 Each!
View from the parking lot.

Indian Bead work and clothing in the Museum

Ed and I by a typical, they say Teepee, it was really pretty, wish I could have gotten a good picture of the inside.

Below is what he will look like some day, there is a lot of stories about this place, you really need to Google it.

Beautiful Bronze in the Front of the Museum
 Now it was onto Deadwood.


  1. Cyndi, this is one place that I have never visited, and hope to one day.
    Not sure who said to just drive by it, but it boggles the mind.

  2. Wow!!! It's like I'm there!!! Beautiful pics!!! I can't wait to make the drive there!