Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More catch up

So we made it to Coeur D' Alene in the afternoon, and it was our anniversary so Ed snagged us a suite in the Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn has really surprised me, as it meets all our needs, better then the other brands, and they are really well appointed. This room is huge, and has a jacuzzi tub and shower! And free high speed internet!
Then last night we went to a GREAT local restaurant BarDEnay and distillery, great place. We set outside, and had a wonderful dinner, trout for me and fish and chips for Ed. I could go on and on, but I will spear you. 😍 So it was all very romantic and just right!


  1. What.. no pictures?? lol
    A late "Happy Anniversary" to the both of you.

    Ed, did you have malt vinegar with the fish and chips?

  2. That's wonderful!! Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!