Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bad Lands

So now onto the Badlands National Park

This place is Awesome you have pretty little flowers that we found out were not dazes, but a prairie flower that doesn't usually come out unless they get a lot of rain.

 This view shows you the Homesteads that made it the one earlier didn't.
 Every corner we turned there was another view.

This really shows you why they called it the badlands, that and many bandits hid in these hills and you can see why.

The sun was not in our favor, to get the kind of pictures you get when it is just  right, and you see all the colors. but still awesome 

This was an overlook at the end of our travel and we were so glad we stopped as we saw our first and only glimpse of animals in the park.

A family of Big Horn Sheep

Dad a ways away

More on another part of the cliff

The view in the same area.

More coming up the side of the cliff

Leaving and we are still way up there

Then we went to Wall Drugs to get a burger and fries, pretty good but a tourist trap over all.  So we didn't stay long and it was on to Mt Rushmore!


  1. You have to admire the spirit of the people who first made the trip across these lands. We are so spoiled these days, yet I know that deep down we are capable of facing whatever we are faced with.
    Love the sheep. What luck that you stopped there.

  2. Cool Sheep!!! Amazing views!