Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Butte, Big Arm, Coeur d' Alene

It has been an exciting few days.  So now, that you know some of what happen we will do a flash back to where we were when, I didn't get on the web.

View from the car
 The receptionists at our Best Western in Murdo told us how we should do our time there so we took her advice and drove to the Bad Lands.  It was awesome and much greener then I remembered this area being.

 So the first stop was to see a homestead house, that was really used at the time period.  Tell you what this is NOT the good old days, we sometimes don't know how lucky we are to be alive now.

This is the front yard,,, ha ha, just full of Prairie Dogs

I think this house was a lot like the one my mom grew up in, in Montana..

How would you like to get up in the night and use this.. ugh

I am posting this large so you can read the sign.

This is the barn, looks familiar.

 So then it was on to the Badlands National Park.


  1. Cyndi, the washtub and scrub board looks very familiar to me unfortunately..as does the outhouse...

  2. Wow!!! Takes you WAY Back!! Life was certainly not as plush!