Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deadwood South Dakota

I had been hear years ago, like 60, so I didn't remember much about it, but it is infamous in all the westerns because this is where they shot Wild Bill Hickok in the back holding aces and eights!
On the way to Deadwood we stopped at Hill City, hopping to see the steam engine that runs between Hill City and Keystone, but we missed it by 15 min.  But we looked around a bit at the station,  it was too hot to stay long.

This was the original one.

These were pictures of our room at the Iron Horse Inn.

Boot Hill

This is where they were both barred but not the original markers for Bill as his were stolen twice, somebody really didn't like him.  Needless to say.

view of Deadwood

across the way is a open pit mine, that is closed now, but is 3000 feet deep, this place, Deadwood is high,  45088 feet in elevation.  No wonder we were puffing.

Wild Bill Bronze in the begging of the City.

Now it was on to Butte 528 miles, but we wanted to get to Big Arm Mt the next day and not be late, to see Marsha and Vin.  Marsha has had a bit of a setback, so it was going to be a short visit.
On the way we stopped for a quick visit to the Little Big Horne monument, and I mean Short, it was so crowed and hot we couldn't do much.

 Then on to Montana

Flathead Lake

Marsha Vin and Ed

And me with Marsha and Vin

There yard

And House.
And you know what happened next so now it is on to Spokane.


  1. The pictures are great! It sounds like a wonderful trip. I'd like to see Mt. Rushmore someday. It does look impressive.

  2. The views are wonderful, and what a beautiful area your friends live in.
    Ed, sorry that you missed the train.

  3. Gorgeous pictures once again!! Hope you said hi for me! Keep the photos coming!! :)