Thursday, October 27, 2011

Venice depart again

Thursday 20 October

The morning began with heavy overcast skies just waiting to rain. We order room service and Ed dressed to go out with Ken to the Ko-op grocery store near the pier. Of course near was about a four block walk to a people mover train which had one stop to a city district. It was another four blocks to the grocery store. While en-route it began to slowly rain. The price of going to purchase a couple of bottles of wine and toothpaste. As we walked back to the ship it started to rain in earnest. By sail away it was raining hard and the wind was over 35 knots. We were going nowhere fast. We delayed departure until the wind subsided. That was about 1530. Then with the help of a tug, we were off in the rain, wind and cloudy skies. Not much to see as we left the beautiful city in the storm. Once we cleared the port into the open sea it was off into the 35+ winds moderate seas and the night ahead.

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