Saturday, October 29, 2011


Arrived in port just as the sun peaked out above the horizon.  We quickly dressed and went for a quick breakfast before going to see the city.  We decided to just walk through the shopping areas and see the large market.  The sun was out in fun force as were all the folks. After walking through the food market with all the candies, meats, and vegetables we headed to the old section of town to see the old cathedrel and locate a place for lunch. We stopped at a tappas restauranrt and order three tappas, sardines, squid, and shrimp and of course a small bottle of wine.  It was excellent! then it was off for a stroll back to the ship stopping along the way to see the street sights. The mimes were set up along the street, some dressed so well it was hard to believe they were people. We got back to the shuttle pickup spot about 30 minutes prior to departure, just in time for Ed.  don't like cutting it close. Then it was sailing of to Lisbon and to the great north atlantic. The cruise is moving faster now as the number of days remaining decrease. We'll be seeing you all soon. We have not been able to get our computer on line, that's why no pictures are attached.       

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