Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday 25 October

The captain had warned us the night before that the weather was not going to be on our side today. Sure enough he was correct as we boarded the tenders in the dark, rainy, and windy morning at 0700. We were first off the ship as the rain pelted down. Unfortunately our guide was no where to be seen as we waited in the rain. She did arrive at approximately 0800. We all piled into the van just to escape the continuing rain. Fun, fun! We drove along the coast line from Cannes to Antibes and to the hill top ancient village Biot. The rain didn’t stop, but we did.  Our guide took us to a gass factory, so we could have an espresso.  And watch the glass blowing.

 We all climbed out of the van and walked up the stone walkway into the town. The streets were very small walkways dotted occasionally with wide steps.
Partway up into the village we spotted a shop selling umbrellas. Big umbrellas! That was for us. Cindy found a beautiful rainbow colored one, just perfect for the remainder of the day’s travel. After walking through the village we returned to a restaurant at the village gate, it had a big bocce court, right in front. Reminded us of the movie, a Year in Province. We wished the weather had been nice, and the men were playing. They were serving a veal reargue’ with peas and carrots for the special. So it was the special for us with a bottle of wine and French bread and we were warm and dry again.

Not much to do in the pouring rain but slowly return to the ship, we would like to return here some day. Once again safely on board to depart for the warmed sunnier Barcelona!

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