Thursday, October 27, 2011


Saturday 22 October

As we arrived in Naples the sun was just peeking over the horizon beside Mt Vesuvius. We were an hour late, but could fit in with the ferry schedule and make a smooth arrival! We all gathered at the dock to form up to catch our tour van for the day! First stop the ancient Herculaneum, buried in 79 A.D.

While Pompeii was thought of as a working city, Herculaneum was built as a resort community for the upper class. The tour was excellent. After a couple of hours we boarded our van for the sightseeing trip to the Amalfi Coast stopping at Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, and Amalfi.

After an hour of driving along the Amalfi coast cliffs and stopping for pictures we stopped in the town of Positano. Our driver recommended we stop and recommended a restaurant by a little beach just down from the road. We asked if many steps were involved, and he indicated that it was simply and gentle ramp down. Some 1000+ yards down the coble stone path interspersed with steps we arrived at the restaurant by the sea.

Wow was it beautiful! We ordered calamari and a Nicosia salad with wine and beer. Of course after lunch it was back to walking through the streets and up the city hillside to the car for the ride back to the ship! Another wonderful day exploring Italy with friends.

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