Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sea Day

Friday 21 October
We awoke to the sea day in the Mediterranean with clearing skies and softer seas. We attended the Red Hot Rubies Group Meet and Greet event which the Captain attended to welcome us all aboard. He indicated that three ships were not able to enter Venice the night before due to the heavy weather. So we were lucky to be able to leave when we did. Tonight is formal night and we are ready with new items to wear. Fun, fun! We had diner with Anne, Al, Bill, Irene, Gail, and Tom at Michelangelo’s anytime restaurant. We had hoped to see the Straight’s of Medina but because we were 3 hours late leaving Venice we were late at the straight. We did see the straight during the night from our balcony. Cindy woke up from all the bright lights shining from the cities lining the straight they were beautiful. We stood on the balcony watching all the lights go by!

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