Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St. Thomas

Feb 18, 2014  St. Thomas 

We arrived St. Thomas, this morning about 7 AM, it was a beautiful sail in, LOTS of sailboats in the harbor.  We docked at Crown Bay, this was a fist for Ed and I.  The Celebrity Reflection, and the Carnival Inspiration were docked at Havens Gate so there was no room for us.  That was ok as we had a nice breakfast and then headed out to do some shopping.  
We took one of the little buses, to town and started walking.  We didn’t shop very long, as having been here so many times in the past, there wasn’t much to buy, if you didn’t want to buy alcohol  or jewelry!  And I was keeping Ed out if Imperial Jewelers!  We will be back next January!  Any way we came back to the ship about one and we have now had room service on our balcony.  Now Ed is playing with his new toy, he bought the Go Pro.  He has been looking at it for some time, and the price was right here, and they through in a nice 36 GB card to go with it.  So now when we get home we can boar everyone with videos.

The last couple of sea days have been very relaxing, except for the part of our personal trainer Monica!  That was NOT relaxing, but good for us, we will be working with her for the rest of the cruise.  We had a grand time at formal night with John and Carol.  Participated in the Champagne waterfall and Lobster dinner.  Then last night Ed wanted to see the new Jack Reacher movie, at MUTS,,, Movies Under The Stars.  I managed to stay through two bags of popcorn, then it got TOOOOOO intense for me and I went back to the room.

So tomorrow we will be in Antiqua and going to the Nelson Stockyards, tour, this was NOT high on my list, but Ed didn’t want to do the Catamaran that we had booked so we will do this and some shopping.  Not sure what shopping there is in Antigua, but we will find something to do I’m sure.



  1. Yay! It sounds like all is going well. Enjoy your upcoming days in the Caribbean. It got up to 65 ° here in NN today. Maybe spring will actually come sometime.

  2. Sounds like you have had a great first few days. Cant wait to see all the actions videos you take with the new "toy". We look forward to reading more! Audrey and Family

  3. Can't wait to see the videos! Hope your tour was fun and interesting!

  4. We all love videos... can not wait to see them. Have a great trip