Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb 19 2014

Today it was Antiqua, and it was a good day.  We got up early and had breakfast thin it was off to the tour to the Nelson Dock yards.  The Photo above is of the Dock Yards.  Today they have lots of sailboat races there, and there are some HUGE sailboats.  It was an interesting place and a interesting drive in the little bus.  The ride wasn't much to see, lots of very poor areas, but the people on the bus, were almost all from Austral and they were a real kick!

We got back to the town early and found some postcards and got caught in the rain, but had fun then it was sail away before we knew it.  John and Carol joined us on the balcony to say good-by to Antiqua, and Ed and I went up to the Crab Shack for dinner talk about good!  But the internet is giving me fits so that will be another day.

Tomorrow Barbados and a Photo tour,,, himmm


  1. Beautiful Picture!!! Glad you had a good time there!

  2. It is a lovely place, and so much history.. we are thinking about taking the #17 bus out there on our cruise. The views are so nice from that vantage point.

  3. Your taking postcard perfect pictures. Can't wait to see more. so glad you are having a great time.