Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Day at Sea

Feb 16 2014   Day #2

Today is the first day at sea and it is a beautiful day indeed, 75 degrees and calm seas.  We both awoke about seven and dressed for breakfast up at Sabatini's one of the real treat of having a suite. It was wonderful as usual, starting with Mimosa's, and then Eggs Benedict, yum.  We can't do that for 48 more days or we'll be a big as a house when we get back.  So with that in mind, we went and scheduled our personal trainer, she is a very attractive girl from Slovakia, so you know Ed will go at least this once and probably more. :)

We had a wonderful dinner last night at Sabatini's with John and Carol, they seemed to really enjoy it, and once again great conversation, went with dinner.  After dinner, we were all tired so we said our goodbye's about 10 and retired for the evening.

While reading the Patter at breakfast we realized that it is formal night tonight! Boy they don't give you a couple of days to get used to it all before you have to dress up!  Oh well it will be fun,,,,  Ed made reservations for dinner for the four of us, this is John and Carols first Princess cruise, so we will watch the champagne waterfall, and have a glass of free champagne.

So we will try to let y'all know about the evening later if I can stay awake, if not we will see you tomorrow.


  1. Great to hear you had a great first day at sea. We watched the ship leave at 7PM and we looked for you both at the back of the boat; however from your above you were most likely already at dinner.

    Have a great tri[ and will look for more updates.

    Ed & Jennifer

  2. Wonderful that you've had a good first sea day! Enjoy the days to come.

  3. Yum!!! Sounds like fun considering the highs here are in the 30s with snow!