Thursday, February 20, 2014


We have spent a windy beautiful day in Barbarous, this is a beautiful island, and we saw parts of it that we has not seen before.

We took the tour to the other side of the island, called the Scotland District known as the Highlands. With a locally famous photographer Ronnie Carrington. We had a great driver and with the roads we went over I'm glad. We were defiantly off the Beaton path. We visited the the quaint fishing village of Bathsheba, and Bathsheba beach where wind waves and time have managed to sculpt giant mushroom shaped rocks. I think I got some good photos, and I will try to post them in a minute.

I just bought some high speed minutes here at the port and if I had been thinking I would have logged in on the computer, and not the iPad, but I wasn't thinkingšŸ˜œ. So I will see if I can use that. Not sure.


  1. Cool!!! Can't wait to see the photos!!! Sounds really beautiful!

  2. A lovely start and to think 42 more nights to go. Keep up the good work with your personal trainer.

    Jim & Val

  3. Bathsheba is beautiful, did you get a chance to stop in the hotel perched on the edge of the cliff-line and eat lunch? we are tempted to do that again this cruise.
    Thanks to sis and bro, this is one of our favorite island stops.
    The photo ops are amazing