Saturday, April 13, 2013


Moorea is formed li an isosceles triangle, with two mountains sides joining at Mt. Tohivea.

There are two bays, we anchored in Cooks Bay. They say from the air it appears as a beautiful green butterfly floating over a tranquil blue sea. It had once again been raining, so it was still cloudy when we disembarked, so we didn't see those pretty water colors.
The rest of our group went on a shark and sting-ray swim, and they said they had a wonderful time. We all make poor choices sometimes, this was ours. Ed and I walked around a bit and watched the dancers, and then went back to the ship and spent the rest of the day at the pool.

We left for Papeete, about 16:30 and arrived here at about 20:00 and coming into the port was really beautiful, and it was dry,,,,,, for a little while. We went out on the dock, and there was a big party going on in the park by the ship. It seems this happens on Saturday night, just about the time we found the chocolate crepe place, it started raining buckets!!! Ed still got us a couple crepe's to share, but we were all drowned rats when we got back on the ship to go and see the Tahitian dancers in the Princess theater, they were wonderful, and I am sure glad we didn't miss them.

Won't mind having the money to own this little babe, parked beside us as we docked in Papeete, the Golden Odyssey

These photos were taken just this morning. We didn't go any except by the ship, as it has been raining cats and dogs all morning.

We were treated to a Pareo demonstration, guy wasn't bad either. LOL

Ed and I walked around a bit, looked at black pearls, but still nothing we could afford. So we looked at the ship, and it started to rain again. Oh well.

We will be leaving in about an hour, with a new Captain, as Captain Todd McBain, left the ship today for a six week vacation. And Captain Vincenzo Lubrano took his place. So today at 16:30we start our 8 sea days back to LA.

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