Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pago Pago

8 April - American Samoa - We arrived in Pago Pago on a cloudless morning at 0930 after nearly circling the island arriving from the northeast and going around the southwest tip and back up the south coast to Pago Pago.

When we got off the ship we noted the National Park table on the dock and proceeded to book the National Park tour. It was fabulous!!!! Cindy took lots of pictures of spectacular vistas.

Upon returning to the dock we entered the temporary shop area to look for treasures. Clearly we found many and they were simply beautiful. Ed got a Samoan style shirt and Cindy found a couple of beautiful hand made and styled cover ups! Wow and double wow.

We went to Sky Walkers, and had a drink, waiting for the others to get back from there tour, but it ran late so we met at dinner a seared stories, It was a good day.

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