Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crossing the Equator

We are sitting at the HC waiting for the initiation to start for the equator crossing. We have already crossed according to the captain. Not sure I saw the line,,, LOL
The seas are calm, the weather warm, but not hot. We still have two days to go before we get to Pago Pago,,(pronounced pangno, pangno), this is one long way.
The internet connection goes off and on,,, well write more later.

OK, so we are now all Shellbacks, we were pollywogs, but when we crossed we will never be that again. It was fun to watch the ones who actually went through, the initiation and we are buying the DVD of the cruise as I don't think we will ever be able to do this cruise again, and I know we will want to relive it all.

Today is our 4th sea day and we are readying for our stop tomorrow, at Pago Pago. We went to the lecture with Dr. Faff, and she gave us lots of info on what to do in Pago Pago and Apia. We will try to go to the only National Park in the southern hemisphere, on Pago Pago. We canceled our tour there as we wanted to be able to go there and there were no tours gong there. So we will get our park passport stamped, as we forgot it in Hilo,,, dumb.

So today Sunday at 3PM our time 10 PM your time we just finished a Sunday Buffett and are now chilling, I should go to line dance, but I think I won't, not much going on tonight either, except for the movie the Bourne Legacy, which I think I will pass, but Ed is planing on going to.

So until tomorrow, see ya

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