Friday, April 5, 2013

Second sea day

OK, OK, I see that I messed up and reposted the whole blog, I will try not to do that again, sorry.

Ok so last night we went to formal night, all gussied up, and met the Capt, at the Captain circle cocktail party. The couple with the most sailed cruise days, had 1212 days, WOW, that is almost three years, we had a good time there and had a great time later, when we saw, the vocal impersonator Sean O Shee, he was great. He had some voice, and he was good enough doing Elvis that I would go see him again. He was also very funny.

We gained another hour last night so now we are way off, it is 2:15 PM here now and it is 9:15 PM on the East Coast. It is still the same day, but that will change soon. It is cloudy and rainy here, but warm, not a pretty day. We have gone to two lectures today, or I should say Ed has gone to two, I went to one. We both saw the one about Natural Disasters of the Pacific, with Dr Sharron Faff, and Ed stayed to here Dr Glick, "Can the world live with Iranian, Nuclear Bombs."
Then we met John and Janet for the Pub lunch of Fish and Chips. Now we are taking a rest before we go to tea. John and Janet are in Hula Dance, and Linda is making a lei. Al went to golf simulator, to do a closes to the pin computation. As I have said it is a busy ship.

Tonight is Lobster tails in the Dinning room and the Ventriloquist in the theater.

we just got back from tea, it was suppose to be for six people, delivered to Al and Linda's next door,,,, well as you can see it was for a lot more then six,, OMG and we have lobster tonight!!!


  1. Looks like you are all having lots of FUN!!!

  2. Thought I had warned you on the tea. lol I ordered tea for two ..(sounds like a song..) and had enough for 4 people one time