Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bora Bora and Moorea

OK, I am back again, as I said we arrived in Bora Bora, and it was raining hard,,, but by the time we arrived the island on the tenders, it had stopped, Of coarse there were puddles everywhere and it was HOT. It reminded me of Southeast Asia. The local area reminded me of that anyway, lots of french influence, so a lot like Vientiane.
Our tour wasn't until 2:45 so we had lots of time to look around at the pearl stores. Have I mentioned the pearl stores? They have been everywhere, black pearls gold pearls, and pistachio colored pearls. Those last being the most expensive, but none of them are cheap. I found a strand of black pearls that looked modest, and they were $8,000. not modest at all. Not sure I like black pearls.....
Any way when our turn for our tour came it was late,,,, oh well, but we did get a nice island tour around the Island. Because of the weather we did not see the water at it's best for the jewel-like colors it is noted for.
Life here centers around three main villages, Vaitape, Anau and Faanul. Music and dnce are an integral part of the life here. We didn't really see any dance, but we heard music being played as we were brought in.

A French possession since 1888, Bora Bora became an American naval base between 1942 and 1946. You can still view the WWII huts, piers and bunkers, we only saw a bunker from the road and our guide said that when they have a bad storm or cyclone, the people use them as they have extended tunnels.
Along the way Cindy bought a pareo at Mama Ruta's

She didn't buy the guy,,,,, It was fun, and we had a good demonstration, on how to tie Pareo's then we went to a famous beach, Matira Beach, the water was nice, but the beach in my opinion leaves a lot to be desired, for those of us with Hawaii and the outer banks, and Florida, in our history, you would not be that impressed.

Then it was back to the "Le Truck Station" for the end of our tour. We asked the guide how to get back to Bloody Mary's and as luck would have it the shuttle to there was waiting for us, so it was on to the famous watering hole. It was lots of fun, wish we would have had time for dinner, but hay you can't have it all.

Did I mention that the floor is all sand, they ask you to remove your shoes, it was fun, we got a shuttle back to the dock, and boarded the ship about seven. The ship left at 9. And we were on our way to Moorea.

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