Thursday, April 18, 2013

3rd and 4th Sea Day

Well yesterday was an amazing day, it started out with John winning a drink of the day on the morning show and in the afternoon we Won Trivia!!! That sure tickled all of us, and we were in a tie too at the end. But our tie breaking question, was how many women out of 10 buy shoes that are too small? We put down 7, I told them it was 9, and when the other team said 4, I knew we won,,, and the answer was 9!! So we all walked away with passport holders,,,,, yaaa,,, Bragging rights that was the prize!
Last night we went to the early Production Show, Motor City. It was very good, and I loved the music, I'm sure it was because it was from when we were young, and in Hawaii. We then went to dinner and once again had a good dinner and then went on to a very good comedian magician, Jean Boucher, he did some amazing things, and he was funny too.

So this morning we slept in tell about seven, and watched the morning show and Linda won the drink of the day!!! Wow since seeing the rainbow it has been very lucky for us.
Ed is at the lecture "Who is my Mother" with Michael Bishay, I will be interested to hear what that was about.
Ed is then going on to Dr Glick on "Why the Russians need a Czar" So I am catching up here and then maybe read, it will have to be inside, as it is raining. I am not interested in doing Hula Dance so I will meet Ed for lunch,,,, eat and eat some more, but it seems we may have a bit of Noro on the ship as they have started serving us in Horizon Court. Lots of very old and people who don't seem to be all that well on the ship too. God bless them.

More later.

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