Sunday, April 21, 2013


Good afternoon all,

It is about 14:30, our iPad says 11:30, but we are guessing, that it is keying into the satellite for Hawaii so ignore the time that may come through.
Well here we are in the last two days, it has been a fun cruise, and I am sorry it is almost over, but I will be ready to get home and hug my kids, and Grandkids, at least the ones we will see.
The weather today is pretty, but now it is cool, and a wee bit cloudy, and the swells are making the ship bounce around a bit. But not too bad.
The last couple of days have been busy, we haven't won at trivia again, but yesterdays Trivia was a really hard one. So, that is ok as it is still fun to play as long as no one takes it too serious.
The three guys went to the movie last night, to see Total Recall, the new one and none of them liked it. That was Al's bachelor party LOL
The girls went to see the singer Donnie Ray Evins. He was very good, not great, but very good.

Today is the last formal night and the second to last day on the ship. Linda and Al will be Renewing there vows, today is there 50th Wedding Anniversary, that will happen at 17:00 then we will have some treats, and go to the Captains Farewell Cocktail Party and Balloon Drop, at 19:00 then dinner, at 19:45 and then we have the last Production Show, British Invasion, in the theater at 22:00, and then tomorrow we will pack, and see if we can fit it all in again. I didn't buy much on this cruise so I hope so.
I am not looking forward to the day we disembark as we will be at the airport a long time, we had hopped to get a tour, but no luck, as princess isn't even running any, oh well.

More tomorrow.


  1. We have enjoyed following your adventures, and wish we could have been there to celebrate Linda and Al's Anniversary.

    how wonderful that everything about this cruise came together so well and made it the trip of the lifetime.

    We welcome you home.
    love, Jim and Valerie

  2. Loved the picture of Al and Linda's wedding. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!! We are looking forward to next year!!