Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 30, 2017 Trondheim Norway

Trondheim is the third largest - and second oldest - city in Norway. The town was originally called Kaupangen upon its founding in 997 A.D. by Viking king Olav Tryggvason. The city commands the trade routes linking Southern Norway with the fjord lands to the north. Trondheim quickly became a major commercial and cultural center - the city served as Norway's royal capital.
Trondheim's old city features broad avenues and attractive 17th-century wood buildings - a legacy of the rebuilding that followed a disastrous fire that leveled the city in 1681.

We awoke to a beautiful morning, going through a beautiful fjord, not real tall but beautiful, and I understand now why they say that these northern islands are the most beautiful in Norway. We had decided again to do a walk-about, but this time taking the shuttle. So it was off to breakfast in the dinning room, and Frances was serprised to see us,, we have eaither been on a tour, or sleeping in so we miss breakfast. It's good to skip a meal, now and then.  So after breakfast we caught the first shuttle to town. We had a late arrival, docked just after noon, and had to be back by 8:30 pm. We were dropped of right by the Nidaros Cathedral, so that was good. 

We decided to go and shop for some Compeed for my foot, they really help save me, I need to see if I can get them on Amazon. I also needed a small brush fo my purse, so off to the shopping center. It was right there around the corner. It is a big mall, but as luck would have it the pharmice was right past H&M and they had them,, I don't want to think of what they coast,,,, ugh every thing is so expensive, but I got them and it will really help, this foot in boots. The it was on to H&M to get a brush, yippee found that too, and it took all of 30 minutes to do both. 

So now on to postcards and would you believe that the post cards were sold in Starbucks?  So another home run, Ed paid for the cards and I bought two coffees. We found seats and I got on the wifi while he addressed the cards, and I downloaded emails. The day was so beautiful we didn't want stay inside. 

So now it was off to the cathedral, bought tickets and went inside it is very impressive, no pictures, bummer, you pay $18. and you don't even get a broucher in English any wear. Oh well, it was impressive, but it is hard to remberer   
Unfortunately we didn't figure out where the old town was until we got back to the ship, and we were so close to it where we were walking,,, oh well next time. 

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