Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rio de Janeiro

March 1-2  2014

We arrived in Rio about an hour early,,  and Ed and I got up and took some sunrise pictures.  That is not a normal for me as you all know.  It was beautiful and this set the tone for the whole day,,, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, all the way around.

We skipped breakfast as we had eaten late the night before and thought that since this tour had lunch included we would just eat light and sleep a little later, as it turned out that was a mistake, but more on that later.
We were suppose to line up in the theater for our tour at 8:45 AM, so we met John and Carol, and found our seats, only to sit there for the next hour.  The Officer in Charge, once again, did not have her logistics in place, saying it was the fault of the buses when later we found out the busses had been waiting since 7:30 AM.  When we finely boarded our bus, after 10 AM, it was a beauty, even had a WC in it, which was good, because we left the port, and now we had a traffic jam like you cannot believe!  “Carnival” floats and bands were blocking the way of ALL the major streets!  
2 1/2 hours later we were still on the buss for a 50 minute drive to the train for Christ the Redeemer (Corcovado), well we missed our slot, so it was on to Sugarloaf.  It took some time to get there too, but finely about,I think it was, noon.  So we stood in line and got on a tram to go up to the top of sugarloaf, not my idea of fun but I did,,,,, most of it.  It was a hazy day so we didn’t go up to the tippy top, but high enough.  It was also very hot and sticky, but I have to say the view was amazing.  

if you look hard he is way off on that mountain, that is where we are going.

Down on the ground and the guid said we were on our way to lunch, at a Brazilian stake house, not so fast,,,,, we were then told we had to go to Corcovado, as we had to use our ticket slot NOW, and we only had 20 minutes to get there.  We made it, but just barely, as one of the ladies on the bus, fell getting out, and broke her ankle so needless to say there was a delay getting to the train, but they got her in a taxi, and took her to the hospital, and last we heard she was recovering, but we don’t know if she will be rebounding or not, as she was traveling alone.  Very sad.  By now it was 2:40.  We boarded the Cog RR and up the mountain we went.  WOW, what a place, we have never seen anything like it, all the pictures, do NOT do it justice.  It is something you have to see.  Our guide told us this Christ the Redeemer, statue is the PEOPLES statue, as when they wanted to build the 125 foot statue, they needed the money to do so.  So they asked the people to help, and when the people came by to collect what people wanted to contribute, people literally through money in the streets, so it cold be collected!  And the people still volunteer for money for upkeep, and the ticket sails and philanthropic contributions take care of the rest.  We then caught our train back down the mountain, and now it was almost 5, and Yea we were going to have LUNCH!  
It was worth the wait!, and we were all VERY HUNGRY, not a usual feeling for cruisers.  When we got back to the ship, it was a fast shower, and off to wait in line to see the show.  Brasileirissimo,, a kcal folkloric show, it was an amazing taste of Brazil, it was our Carnival show!  It was truly eye candy for all the guys and girls alike!

Today it was a rest day, the stores are closed, until, after three, and we have sail-away at 5:30 PM, our time, and did I mention that we are two hours ahead of EST.

We coming away from Rio, with a different feeling then we had at the beginning, it is a beautiful city and the people are VERY nice, and I would come again, if given the opportunity.

Tomorrow, it is Ihabela, Brazil and another early get up, as our tour to the beach sail, and a two masted schooner, leaves at 7:30 AM,,,, hemmm well see how late this one is. 


  1. Wow what an amazing trip and exquisite pictures!!!! Love to see this city one day! Can't wait to hear more adventure stories!!!

  2. Cydi thanks for sharing your adventures .Your photos are great and your comments are interesting. I will be joining the Crown Princess on March 6 -BA. Diana