Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ilhabela, Brazil  March 3 2014

Ilhabela or “Beautiful Island,” is well-named for its golden sand beaches, emerald waters and unspoiled landscapes.  Nearly 85% of the island is designated as State Park, and no further development is allowed.

We had a great time here, we had a Princess tour, it was a to be a two-masted schooner, but this boat hadn’t raised sails in a long time..  so calling it a beach and sail, well sail, was stretching it!.  We motored all the way. to the beach and back  We went to Curral Beach surrounded by lush mountains and warm sand, but the water was not Crystalline as they said, but it was a fun day.  I did do a wee bit of snorkeling without a snorkel, just my swim gargles and saw some sea urchins.  Didn’t have Ed’s new go-pro so I didn’t get any pictures of them.

Home was experiencing snow and we got a sunburn, not all that bad, huh?  It reminded us of Kwai, very pretty.

When we got back from our “sail” we did some shopping, but everything was really  expensive,  which reminded us this is not a poor county.
We will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina and we have a private of the town, we have already interred  the
Rio de la Tlata River wich is the spanish way of saying Plate River.  And there are a ton of ships out the window, so it should be an interesting docking, this is all new to both of us.


  1. Beautiful beaches!! With the blanket of snow and some ice on the way, you picked a good time for a cruise in paradise!

  2. Wow, loving the pictures. Did the lady with the broken foot come back? We have seen lots of snow this winter. Great lake are more frozen then they have been in over 100 years. Friends of ours went to Niagara falls, it froze for the second time this year while they were there. Warm up this week and then snow next week end. we will see if it happens. Keep having fun. Love Tim and Audrey