Thursday, February 27, 2014


Well we made it to Recife and it was worth the stop.  We both throughly enjoyed the day, be it hot and sticky.

Our privet tour, was suppose to leave at 8 AM, so we had to meet at 7:30 which called for a 6 AM wake up,,,, ugh,, and then the driver was late!  He didn't get there until 9:30, by that time we were all a wee bit aggravated and just about snagged another driver when he showed up.  He did agree to cut the price of our tour by $15.00 each and still take us where we had scheduled to go, to make up.

So we were off on the city tour and a tour of Olinda, very pretty.
The roads are all cobble stone, and the houses all have to stay the way they are archaically, but the people are allowed to paint them what ever color they choose, so it makes for a very colorful community.
They were getting ready for Carnival (Saturday) and that made the traffic horrendous, and the driver had to back up going down some steep hills to make room for trucks carrying huge paper-mache statues.

We went to Ground 0, where Recife started and then we went to the Old Prison, famous now for having lots of little shops in the old Cells.  We managed to find some goodies in the shops there.  As Ed found a very nice jewelry store,,,, just couldn't say no.  :)  So I am now the proud owner of some beautiful fire opal earrings and a spectacular blue topaz necklace, that reminded him of a stone, he bought 50 years ago.

We got back to the ship about 2:30, hot, sweaty and hungry, as we hadn't eaten anything all day except an apple.  So we showered and ordered some lunch and took a nap.

Sail-away, was late, as some of the tours didn't get back, but when it did happen we got to see the Seaborn Quest leave before us.  It was beautiful.

We have two sea days and then it is Rio right in the hart of Carnival!


  1. So glad you enjoyed Recife and Olinda. We enjoyed our visit there a few months ago and loved the colors of the buildings. I liked the photo of my ship (the Quest) sailing away. Please keep your reports coming.

  2. Wonderful photos and review of a spectacular day. U have a keeper in your loving hubby. Keep up the good work on the Blog. Looking forward to Rio.

  3. Beautiful photos!!! That looks like a European country, how pretty! Can't wait to see Rio! Have lots of fun!

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  5. Great pictures... wish we were there. Love you both and have fun!! :-)

  6. what a beautiful stop, and congratulations on the jewelery. Can't wait to see it.