Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lima, Peru

Jelly fish leaving Pisco don't think I want to swim here,,, ugh

Lima, Peru    March 25, 2014

Well all the things that made Pisco wonderful, were not there for Lima.  We docked VERY early, like somewhere around 4:30 AM, needless to say I didn’t take any photos of Sail-in, we slept right through it, and it was just as well.  This was a very industrial port, so not much to see.  Not that we saw it for sail-a-way either as we didn’t leave until after 10:30 PM so we were also sleeping.  This turned out to be the story of the day, because we were told not to take our big camera out, so we took the Go-Pro, and guess what, we found out on the bus that the battery was dead!  So no pictures today, but you know what there wasn’t much to take pictures of, as our tour was of the city and the San Francisco Monastery and Cathedral (NO PHOTOS OR CAMERAS)  The Gold Museum, (NO PHOTOS).  We went to Plaza Mayor, the Historic Centre of Lima, but the minors were demonstrating, and camping there, so couldn’t get out, then we had lunch with 160 of our most intimate friends, ha ha.  The food was pretty good and the Pisco Sours were even better, (have to learn to make these)  so it made it all bearable.  After lunch we went shopping at the Indian Market and found a few good things, to stuff in our suite cases.  This was NOT one of my favorite places incase you hadn’t figured out by now.  

Next three days are sea days.

Sea Day   March 26, 2014

Today would have been my fathers 93rd birthday.  We started the day at Sabatini’s for breakfast, and rose our mimosa glasses in his memory.  Then we just kind of blew the day, not doing much.  John is still sick so we canceled our dinner reservations and had a nice lunch in the room on the balcony.  I had Paella, and Ed had Teriyaki Chicken.  So now we can skip dinner isn’t it awful how these are our big decisions!  We did skip dinner they had the shrimp tower in the Elite lounge, so we went there with Ken, Claudia wasn’t feeling well either. Then we went to Vines and got Sushi and that took care of dinner, boy are we boring.  

Sea Day  March 27, 2014 

Well today is crossing the equator day!  So there are pollywogs to initiate!  It is Formal night and there is a British-style Pub lunch in the Wheelhouse bar.  And we are in the doldrums the sea is flat as a pancake.  Here is a photo of the sea this morning.  Ok I have tried to put the picture up, but no luck,,, maybe later.



  1. Oh what a bummer about the batteries. And I'm so sorry to hear illness has struck your friends. Prayers for good sailings and relaxing joy! Enjoy your last few days!!

  2. Well, as long as you got the recipe for the Pisco Sours.. all is not lost

    Cyndi, March is always a special month for me too. My mum was born on St Patrick's day. March produces fine people.