Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At Sea, March 31, 2014

OK not sure this will ever go out from the ship,,, we have had internet problems for the last 3-4 days.  It is aggravating, oh well as I have said the fact that we have it at all is something.  So I will keep trying.  
Today is a sea day, the last two days have been in port so I will tell what happened at those days, some of it boating and some of it exciting

March 29, 2014  Puntarenas, Costa Rica

We arrived at this small town early on a Saturday Morning, there was a looooooong walk down the pear to get to where the port was.  It appeared that the pear was new.  The Balmier a Fred Olson, Cruise line,  was parked next to us, I was up early and took pictures of her coming in with us.  We did have a tour here, but had canceled as we decided to do some shopping instead, and just walk around and see the sights.  There wasn’t a long of sights, but there was some descant shopping.  Lots and lots of little tents were set up under the trees along the water, which was nice as it was going to be a hot day (90s).  I am glad we got out early.

So after our lovely breakfast, we went down, with lots of sunscreen and hats, well Ed had a hat, it was so windy mine wouldn’t stay on, and we took our iPad so that we might get some internet, as the ships internet has been totally down for two days now.
About 10, we bumped into Ken and Claudia and we all decided that we were finished shopping, and decided to have a beer and some meat on a stick, God knows what we were eating, but it tasted good.  We found a little place that had free Wi-Fi and ordered a coke, and french fries as they didn’t sell beer, but the guys could go across the street and get the beer and bring it back.  

All and all we had a good time and we had sail-a-way from our balcony and canceled our reservations for dinner and brought butter fried shrimp down to the room.  It was only the 4 of us, Carol and John went back to the Dr’s, they are still sick.

March 30, 2014  San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This was a tender port, so coming in we didn’t see a whole lot as we were quit a distance from the shore.  We almost didn’t get off the ship, but with the Wi Fi still down, we went ahead and made the tract.  Again we canceled our tour here, it was to go to the Volcano, but to be honest we are toured out, as it all happened we are sure glad we did, because we heard later that one of the buses to the Volcano broke down, and the people on the bus were out on the road for and hour and a half before anyone found them.  In the heat!!!  They finely found a school bus, to take them back to the ship, they never did get there tour, and it took more time 5 hours.

This was not as nice a port as the one in Costa Rica in our opinion, there were dancers when we got off the tenders, but it was just not as clean.  This time we skipped shopping as we were not going to try to bring a pice of ceramics home, and that was pretty much what they had for sail.  So we found a restaurant, with free Wi Fi and ordered a couple of beers and French fries and proceeded to catch up with emails etc.  And looked at a pretty view, if you didn’t see the feral dogs running around humping on the beach.  Lots of families out as today was Sunday, and if you thought I was bad with beer, in the morning there were women right below the restaurant, drinking shots of Tequila, and they were my age!

The big excitement from this port came at sail-a-way, Ken and Claudia came over and we got a few snacks and were watching the town sail off, we were late, some one had to be med-evac out to the town, and that took two hours.  Trust me we all said we would not have wanted to be left in that town, for medical reasons! 
Any way because we were late, leaving it was getting dark, and I spotted a funny light in the mountain and WOW it was the volcano erupting, WOW and double WOW as Ed says.  I took some pictures, but they are blurry as we were so far away, and moving at 22 knots.  

So now I will try to post this and see if I can get it and the pictures out.  Wi fi is back, but VERY slow.  Next stop and last stop before LA is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


  1. Glad you were not on that bus too!! Yikes! Very cool volcano! Did you feel the earth quake last night from Chili? The seas may be a bit rough. Never call your trip boring, just relaxing! :) Have Fun!

  2. THanks for posting your pics. We saw it too from our balcony, thought it might be the volcano, but were not sure because it was so dark. It was a cool sight!

  3. How great to get to see the Volcano blowing it's top.
    other than that.. this did not seem like a fun port at all, just glad you were not on that bus.