Sunday, March 23, 2014

La Serena  March 21, 2014  

Happy Birthday Bruce!!  

Today we are La Serena, but we are really in Copuimbo, Chile It is a little burg, that has the port in this very poor part of this country.  We did not have a tour here, so we walked out into the port area, and saw a very large fish market, and that was about it.  So we came back and had lunch in the International Cafe, and listened to the music in the Piazza.  And then went to get ready for another Sail-a-way, this time only 8 of us, it was right Chilly out side,,,, pun intended! 

So we leave Chile, behind and we have two sea days, before we get to Pisco (San Martin).  

Sea Day  March 22, 2014

Sea Day,,, Formal night,,,  What can I say about Sea Days except LOVELY!  They are restful and uneventful in most cases, this morning we woke early, as we had gained an hour last night, but then went to flush the toilette and nothing happened,,, now that gets your attention! Told our cabin attendant Edsel, and he said that all of zone 7 was out,,, ugh.  So we got dressed to go to breakfast, figuring we could use the facilities on our way up, and within 15 min Edsel, came and said it was fixed!  That was good.  So on to Breakfast, decisions again,,,,, what to eat for breakfast!  Is it going to be Eggs Benedict or….  This is really a tough life.  
Here we are with Captain John Foster, at Craig and Barbs renewal of vows ceremony 

Later, we had to get ready for Formal night, we like dressing up, it is fun, so tonight we will have 8 for dinner as Barb and Craig have planned to join us.
They are very special new friends.  It was lots of fun, we all celebrated my birthday, the ship gave me a cake,, that is what I need more food.

Sea Day   March 23, 2014

Today is Sunday, and we got another hour back last night, by the time we get home, my body won’t know what time it is.  So big decisions today,,, what to eat for breakfast, (Omelet,)  lunch and dinner, had an omelet for breakfast and just had one of the best Hotdogs I have ever had, and that is saying a lot for a person who doesn’t like hotdogs all that much.  So two down and one to go.  We missed the port lecture, but that is ok as we have a tour in Pisco anyway tomorrow.  We are going to see "abundant marine wildlife and observe beautiful and bizarre rock formations including natural rock arches, tunnels”……….  to be continued 


  1. Totally stress free!!! Sounds like your having a grand time! The pictures are gorgeous as usual! We had on more splash of winter yesterday. It snowed all day and left is with 2-3 inches of more white stuff. I think spring is coming next week... You must be bringing it with you! :)

  2. Cyndi, I love your dress.
    the both of you look stunning.