Saturday, October 20, 2012

Funchal Madera

We arrived at the port of Funchal Madera at 0650 after a very bouncy night at sea, I am glad we skirted the storms,,, as this was some of the biggest seas I have been in! It was still dark and sun rise wasn't until 0852 because of the manner that they set their clocks. The clouds were gone and the sun came brightly to invite us to the island. It is truly beautiful!!! Since it was Saturday, we decided to spend the day shopping the many markets of the city including the large fish market where they were dressing the large tuna and other game fish. It was fascinating. The vegetable and flower markets were also interesting with their world wide variety, also the varieties of plants that will grow on the island. The city of 100000+ people was very clean, there are many sights to see (simply beautiful), excellent golf courses, friendly welcoming community, and the infrastructure was excellent. Everyone agreed this was to be a future destination again! I would love to come back, it reminded us of Hawaii, before it got so populated.


When we were back in our room, the replica of Christopher Columbus's ship the Santa Maria was sailing past our deck.

Now that we were all aboard again, it is on to our seven sea days back to Ft Lauderdale, heading southwest to avoid the seas left behind by the hurricanes and tropical storms.

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