Monday, October 15, 2012


Canne, the lazy sun didn't rise until 0755, and the clouds were hanging around but it appeared it would clear and it did. We took the Princess Nice city tour and enjoyed a leisurely stroll and a visit to the Nice Flea market with antiques and such! Just a couple of purchases, but Ed found a big gold ring on the sidewalk, by the beach, we looked around to see if anyone was looking for it but,,, nothing! It was an interesting morning, we could have spent more time in the market that is for sure, but like all tours they had other plans.
The took us on a little train around the old city, and up to the top of an overlook of Nice, it was cute. Then an hour and a half back to the ship, but where we were dropped off there was nothing to see, our ship was parked in an alternative anchorage away from the main section of Canne and therefore no shops or cafes in the immediate area.. we returned to the ship about 1400, pedometer reading was only 7245. This was a small hint of events to come!

As we weighted anchor, Capt Speaking noted that the harbor master had located us at this anchorage because of high winds in the future! Guess what Lee and Colleen, this was an evening event like 2009 with the highest wind at 74 knots and seas running between 15 and 20 feet from 1730 until 0330 with us running a full speed and a roaster tale behind us. Another French - Mediterranean adventure! Well, we arrived in Barcelona about 20 minutes late this time, so we must have deviated around to some extent.

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