Thursday, October 18, 2012

Casablanca, Marco


We set the alarm for 0515 but awoke at 0500 and ready for our arrival in Casablanca at 0630. Our tour began at 0655, but we sat around waiting for the tour to go until after eight, then we briefly toured Casablanca (second largest city in Africa) and then on to the ancient city of Rabat it took us about an hour and a half to get there. We toured the outside of the Royal Palace, and on to the Oudaya Kasba, and we were suppose, to stop for sweet tea, but there was a mix up, and all we got was a potty stop, that was ok as it was a western toilet! I think Ed was the only one who had ever been to Africa, I was not impressed. This country is still half in the third world, toilets were few and far between and most of them were two foot prints and a whole!

When we returned to Casablanca we asked the bus driver to let us off in town; we hopped a couple of taxis and were off to RICK's CAFE! Jack had made reservations for all eight of us, what a treat! It is dressed out like the movie, and although expensive the food was pretty good. As we ate, the clouds moved in and the rain poured down. So after lunch at Rick's we hoped taxies back to the ship.


When we returned we were notified that our next port had changed to Madeira moving our Atlantic crossing track further south because of hurricane Rafael. Ed had warned us a few days ago, that we might have something like this happen, in fact he asked the Commodore about it at the chefs table when he met us, and he had said they were watching it. So it's off to Madeira tonight! This is exciting we have never been there

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