Saturday, February 24, 2018

(Backup) Day 48 & 49 February 21 & 22, 2018 Fremantle, Australia

Good-by, Australia 🇦🇺 it was a wonderful visit. The people in the country are very kind. And we enjoyed our time in this vast country. We have been traveling around Australia for 10 days, and as of this morning, the 23rd as I write this we are still going around, heading north, to Bali, which will take us three sea days. 

Screen shot on tv, 

So now on to what we did in Fremantle for the last day and a half. We arrived about 4 o’clock on the 21st, and our tour to the aboriginal dance and dinner was to leave at 4:30. And indeed it did, there were two busses. Not knowing what to expect, we were full of aspiration. They drove us around Fremantle first and I was happy to see we could do some shopping there the next day, would you believe they had a Target store?  Not quite the same as the ours, but still proved the next day to be good. Any way back to this day. It took us about an hour and a half, to get to the place where they had the dinner, and this was a huge surprise!  It was like driving into a resort in old Palm Springs, beautiful green grass and large palm trees, and eucalyptus trees, that they called “gum” trees.  Seems they have over 400 species of eucalyptus, who knew?  
Our dinner venue. 

The dinner was very interesting, we ate Kangaroo, Emu,  and for desert there was an Australian peach, that looked like a cheery, but didn’t taste like either. Any way the food was good, in my opinion, there were other things too, but they didn’t give us a menu, so who knows what we ate. LOL
Then a family of aborigines, came and did some dances for us, that we didn’t understand but enjoyed watching. 

We didn’t get back to the ship until midnight, but we had a great trip through Perth, so now we didn’t need to take the train the next day to see the city, looked to be a very modern city. 

So the next day we took the free shuttle into Fremantle to check out the Target store and see what else we could find. I did find my eyebrow pencil, it was Maybelean and only $9.00 and I had AZ money to use up any way. Then we found the best thing, a pub for fish & chips and two Australian beers. 
It was back to the ship and say goodbye to Australia. 

Tomorrow is a sea day and a busy one at that. 

Quote “The IMPULSE to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of LIFE.”  - Cherkasy

Quote  “Oh the places you’ll find if you don’t stay behind.” - Unknown 

PS I sent this out but it didn’t go and I thought I lost it, but low and behold I found it! 

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  1. That's quite the festival feast. I'm glad the weather has been good enough to enjoy these port days. Keep up with the fun adventure.