Saturday, January 13, 2018

January 12, 2018

Good evening, somewhere out in the South Pacific, we just returned from a wonderful show with Helen Wilding, she has done theater, opera, television and film. She looks about 30 but has been a pro for over 20 years. She was wonderful.. 
it has been a very busy few days. People asked before we left, what would we do on all the sea days? Wouldn’t we get board, well so far we are both so busy we don’t have time to even go to one of the movies, in the afternoon. 
Ed is going to tie-chee  every morning at 9 and yesterday because I awoke early, because of the time change, he went early and found, there was another one that started at 8. So he had two hours of exercise!  I go to watercolor classes at 9, and you have to get there early or you don’t get a decent seat. Then I go to the arts and crafts at two thirty and that sounds like we would have lots of time, but in reality, there was a Port lecture in between and lunch. Luckily the arts and crafts was in the lunch area, so I was able to secure a seat, way ahead, as they had over 100 people show up! People were turned away, as they only had kits for 100. Nancy the teacher was told by the cruise line to plan for 50, and she made up a 100! And now Ed has gone to the afternoon lecture, and we get back in the room at around four. I am still trying to fit in the Americas Test Kitchen! Maybe later. 
Then it is time to shower, and have a chat, and get ready for dinner, thank God we have 8 o’clock seating. It was Dutch day, so at Dinner we’re each given a hat Ed’s was a black hat that was a bit like a baseball hat and mine was a traditional white hat that has little wings, we’ll put them on in the morning and take a selfie. 


  1. All the arts and exercise classes sound like great fun. I love all the gifts they give you along the way. What great little treasures!

  2. Love the hat lol
    All the activities sound like fun. I can not wait to see what you are working on.

  3. I'm so glad you got a seat and take the class! Sounds really fun. Tai Chi seems fun too, I've always wanted to try it. I hope dad is enjoying it. Enjoy!