Saturday, December 30, 2017

(Backup) (Backup) We are almost ready,,,,Not

This is the begging of our longest travel yet, except for the year I spent in Southeast Asia.  

I had intended to take a photo of the bags we shipped, all six of them, but failed in all the excitement of yesterday. They said Fedx would pick up the bags between 12 and 4, and they we’re here at 12:30!  And were they nice, didn’t complain at all about the number of bags or the weight. LOL 

So now we can get on with the celebration of Christmas. 

Well,,,,,, Christmas is over, it’s now the day befor New Year’s Eve, and we are getting last minute things put together.  Our oldest son and daughter in law, will be here later today to take away food stuff that won’t keep well over the next four months.  They will be watching the house, and taking care of the mail, sending us notifications if we need to deal with any of it. Our next door neighbors will take it in every day, God bless them. 

So now we have to go pick up the car tomorrow afternoon, and we will drive out on New Year’s Day for FLL, hopefully catching the 7am ferry.  
We will drive to GA the first day and FLL the second. Then, rest up and chill out for a day, and go buy anything we forgot, can’t imagine that we have forgotten a thing, if any thing we have WAY too much!

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