Friday, July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017 Southampton

I am going to skip to today, I will try to catch up with the past days, today later. Right now I am sitting in the B&B we have been at for the last three days, it has been a real lit down from the last one, in Dover. Dover we had such a marvelous time at the Stratmore house....... But I will try to catch up on that later. 
Our taxi will be here about 12 pm to take us to the turminal we are not suppose to be there before 1:30, so it will be interesting what happens. The stay here has been a chalange, as there was no safe in the place, and I didn't want to walk around with my jewelry, and cash money so we pretty much stayed in the room. We did quickly walk a couple blocks to the Pig and Whistle Pub for dinner, it was cute. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that description. LOL. The food was pretty good and they were nice, even the locals. The first night we got take-in as they call it here, Chinese as it was really raining hard. 
The reason we're sittin in the lounge waiting for the taxi, is they wouldn't let us stay in the room. It is one of many things that was misrepresented here. We told them months ago we would need, a late chick out, but the chose to ignore our emails, and also asked if they had rooms down on the ground floor, as we would be traveling heavy, but no one responded, and they only had one on ground, and they gave it to someone else!  And not a person that needed it more then us, but a workman, that does landscaping, and needed to be able to go out and smoke a lot, I guess. That is all I could observe. 

Hopefully we will have a good experance on the Queen Mary. 

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