Friday, October 26, 2012

Last two days

We awoke to,a much more threatening sky this morning. And not such good news for our home coming, as we heard about Sandy!

Yesterday was a quite day, there was lots of sun and it was very warm, felt like the Caribbean, high 80 s. I guess that is what is feeding the storm. Some one on the elevator this morning said they saw a water spot, ugh, we don't need them!

Today we will do some packing, and fill out the customs forms, not going to be a pool day I don't think

It was beautiful when we finely arrived in Fort Lauderdale three hours late

I don't have a picture of the last night on the ship, but I can tell you it was rough!!!

We are now in Savannah Ga, and it is and was beautiful. We will leave for home in the morning, but we have really enjoyed our extra day here. I will post some photos when we get home,,,,,,, if we have power.

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