Monday, October 22, 2012

Another sea day

We awoke at 0645 but luckily, we had gained an hour, last night so it didn't seem so early. The dawn began to break outside our cabin balcony, as we are heading due west, so the sun is coming up on the aft of the ship. The sea had calmed to a mere 8 - 12 ft swells and the sky was clear for miles.

Ed went to the buffet line for coffee and pastries for me, before heading off to meet Jack for breakfast in the main dinning room. Jack and Ed had arranged with the head waiter last night to have eggs Benedict for breakfast because it was not on the regular menu, and they both enjoyed every morsel!! After breakfast we got our suites on and went to the Lido deck and found a location to spend the day poolside. The seas continued to be calm and the skies clear with the temperature in the low 80s. Who would think we could swim, and sun bathe on this trip, usually it is quite cool, but because we are traveling so much further south it is warm and sunny. For those of you that like such info, we are traveling, 26 degrees north and 30 degrees west, a magnificent day!!!

Cheese Burgers were for lunch along with Bloody Mary's!

We adjoined to our room early in the afternoon to get ready for dinner and an evening at Skywalker's lounge, to meet up with the group.

We it is another beautiful day, we had a great time last night, but I got a sunburn yesterday, and what did I wake up to???

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