Saturday, October 15, 2011


Beautiful Athens! Arrived on time, however only to find out that all the historical sites were closed and there were more strikes throughout the city. Many of the tours were either cancelled or modified to what was available. We spent the majority of the day out on our deck sunning and watching the port traffic. It is amazing to see the number and variety of ferries sailing for all the hundreds of Greek islands. We did break for lunch of fish and chips with an ale at the wheelhouse bar. Also did manage to complete the Santorini blog. We sail this evening for Mykonos arriving there at 0100 in the morning. We woke up to see the ship pull into our dock, and see the island at night with the full moon and all the stars! It was so pretty!

We awoke early to a beautiful sun rise over Mykonos! After breakfast, in Sabatini’s, out in the sun, on there deck, it was off to town, had to catch a shuttle bus to drive the short distance to town because the road was very narrow with lots of twists and turns. Too fast, too dangerous! Didn’t enjoy the ride! Once in town we began to walk through the narrow streets, just wide enough for a scooter or a very, very small car. Ed was in pursuit of the local post office and I of course was attempting to at least see what was in the shops. Oh well, he won again and we found the post office. Then it was off to find the famous windmills. Up one hill and down one street and up another, each person we asked said over the next hill. Then I said lets go back down to the waters edge and look up and see if we can locate them. We did to no avail. Noting Ed’s patience I recommended we find a restaurant for some good Greek salad and Gyro. with a beer of course.
We sat down at a table at the waters edge and looked up, there they were, 5 windmills all in a row, right above us on the hill top, what a shot! After an excellent lunch it was off to finally do some shopping which Mykonos is famous for. While on the way I was looking to find the infamous giant white pelican of Mykonos. Sure enough we happened, to walk, directly to him! He is one big bird.

We bought our share of goodies, and I got a great pair of Dr Sholes sandals that I have been searching for a long time, only to find them on Mykonos, go figure. Our bus ride to the ship was much better than the one going into town. When we got on the ship, our wonderful home away from home, we changed and went to the hot tubs to rest our weary bones, from all the walking. It was lovely, sitting in the sun, in the warm water.

Back to the room to change for dinner, tonight is the Crown Grill! YUM

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