Sunday, October 9, 2011


We are here in Livorno, it is a pretty day but quit chilly, only about 64 degrees and windy, so we decided to take a rest day. The sheer frustration of dealing with the internet connection on this ship is doing me in. Which is why their has een no posts on the blog for the last two days. We get free minutes, but I hve to log in almost every 5 minutes, as I keep loosing the connection! Gerrrrrrrr Oh well such is life.

Now that I got that rant out of the way,,, to ty to catch you up on our doings. We spent yesterday in Monte Carlo. We took a walking tour from the ship, and we learned about the casino, didn‘t go in as 10 euros to walk around and not even be able to take picturs seemed a bit high. We also learned a wee bit about the principality. But if I were to do it again I eould take the tour to Nice, and Eze.

Last night we went and met our table mats and the seem to be very nice people, one couple is from Australia, and the other is from Delaware, and now it will be a problem, because we had planed to switch to any time dinning, for the second part of the cruise and they are both going to on for the full 30 days. So I guess we will tell them tonight.

So I guess I will try for the forth time today, to see if I can get this posted. Have a good Sunday every one.

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