Friday, February 2, 2018

Day 29, Friday,February 2, 2018 - Auckland, New Zealand

Well here we are in Auckland, it is sunny, about 74*F, we arrived about 7AM and it is now about 8:30 AM and we are about to leave on our privet tour of the city. So I will be back with a report. 

We got back after walking around, after our tour. Ed left his backpack on the van and is right now down meeting the driver, to hopefully get it back. 
The tour was wonderful we have some wonderful pictures. Auckland is a beautiful city, and I can see why my parents loved so much, it is wonderful now, and in the 70s it must have been really something. So I will try to post some pictures of it. 
Supper bowl is here too
Botanical garden

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  1. Beautiful!! Hope Dad got his backpack back. Wishing you the best this weekend. Love you both!