Monday, June 30, 2014

In the mid west

Well it has been an interesting morning. It is sunny right now, but we/Ed just drove through some hellish rain. Little hairy to say the least. Now we have a break until we get around Peoria. Which is coming up soon.

Ok so we made it. So now we are in the clear for a while. 😎

Now I have to show you what the farm a lot out here besides corn!

YUP windmills! There were tons!

Now we are in blue skies, and we have gained an hour, so it is only 10:26 am, but we have been driving since about 8 east coast. We were very pleased with the hotel last night holiday inn express and a local eatery called Creekside lodge, not a lodge now if it ever was. 😜

We enjoyed the dinner of fish & chips, and Ed had a drunken shrimp martini, I had wine. 😁


  1. I'm enjoying your land cruise! There sure is a lot of corn out there in middle America. Drive carefully and have a great time.

  2. Glad your through that horrible rain!! Pretty lodge and views of corn. Safe travels on your journey. :)

  3. Ed, I hope that you have the recipe for that drink.. it sounds interesting to say the least.